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We think wine should be fun

We ask winemakers their origin story, so it’s only fair to tell you ours. We were drinking a bottle of pinot noir and enjoying the hell out of it. On a whim, we looked up the tasting notes. They meant nothing to us. We had no idea what a “whisper of forest floor and liquid viagra” was supposed to taste like. The world of wine doesn't need to be fancy and unapproachable. It's just grape juice. It's supposed to be fun.

What we really wanted to know was the story of the producer. What made them tick? How did they manage the challenges of that year’s growing season?

So we sat down and wrote the thing we wanted to read.

We’ve met dozens of winemakers to learn about their wine, but also about their former careers in auto-wrecking, their divorces, their ambitions, their insecurities, their life philosophies. We think you all should meet.

Meet the winemakers

Graham Markel creates Italian varietals with a distinctly American style
Luke and Meredith have a singular, laser focus for Statera Cellars: they want to make you love chardonnay. Chardonnay is polarizing. Quality is all over the map. So is complexity. Many refuse to drink anything else. Others would rather do a keg stand. Luke and Meredith are dead sure they can make a chardonnay that blows your mind. We agree.
John Grochau grew up racing his bike through France. Back stateside, he was inspired to make wine that was about slowness, family moments and daily pleasure. Meet Grochau Cellars.
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