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a forever diet

Who are we?

You may may have heard of paleo, vegetarian, Atkins, intermittent fasting, vegan, or pescatarian. It's time to throw that all out for the last diet you'll ever need... Winetarian!

We’re Keith and Andrew, two good friends with one big idea and zero relevant experience. We founded Winetarian with one simple mission: fix all of the world’s problems, get to a billion dollar valuation, and be in bed before 10pm. This is our approach: We interview the coolest winemakers from around the world, send weekly emails with their story, sell wine, and use every bit of business jargon we learned from watching Shark Tank. That’s why we use machine learning, artificial intelligence and a simple yet ingenious algorithm to put the ‘we’ back in “wine” and the ‘I’ back in “I don’t think you’re qualified to be doing this.”

Since we've started, we’ve pitched our business idea to Warren Buffet, Mark “The Shark” Cuban, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, and a group of overly generous-with-their-time winemakers. We’re currently armed with a bona fide liquor license, a Chase small business debit card, and two sets of very concerned parents.

We have a particular soft spot for the eccentrics, gamblers, and philosophers of the wine world. They have a knack for making the wine we love best.

"These guys are hilarious and every recommendation is spot on!"

Wine should be fun, not pretentious. We try not to take ourselves too seriously either.


We're not here to waste anyone's time. We deliver high quality stories, wines, and jokes.


Learn about the humans that make your favorite adult grape juices. Get personal with the products you consume.