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The Family Recipe - Buona Notte Wines

Graham Markel creates Italian varietals with a distinctly American style

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Winemaker Story
Statera Cellars, ‍Not Your Parent’s Chardonnay

Luke and Meredith have a singular, laser focus for Statera Cellars: they want to make you love chardonnay. Chardonnay is polarizing. Quality is all over the map. So is complexity. Many refuse to drink anything else. Others would rather do a keg stand. Luke and Meredith are dead sure they can make a chardonnay that blows your mind. We agree.
Winemaker Story
Back to school

Blair Guthrie makes some seriously fun wines out of California. Originally from New Zealand, Blair worked his way through Australia to California where he grows some traditional varietals as well as some not so traditional ones. That's not even the best part though. Blair has made a personal commitment to diversifying the wine industry by offering mentorships to people from underrepresented populations. He's here to welcome and support BIPOC and LQBTQIA+ folx throughout their wine journeys. We love that.
Winemaker Story
Chateau Deluxe: Teasing the pompous

Ultra Premium, Super Deluxe, you say? Perhaps a chateau in name, but Chateau Deluxe is serving up some of the least fussy, most fun white wines out of the Willamette Valley. Learn more about how Kyle Lattimer is making German style rieslings in the home of pinot noir.

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